Soy Based Material Could Be the Next Big Trend in Wall Insulation in Sacramento, CA

Environmental sustainability has become the hottest new trend in construction, especially when it comes to energy efficiency. It seems there’s a new “green” product coming out every week that promises to revolutionize its respective market. The trend has become so prevalent that homeowners looking to sell their properties are adding in new green initiatives to help provide their home with more potential value.

So far, the usual suspects in regard to sustainable initiatives in residential construction are energy-efficient windows, tankless water heaters, high-efficiency HVAC systems and rooftop solar energy panels. All of these are important solutions to create more sustainability, no doubt. But there are plenty of other opportunities to incorporate sustainable practices into a home in less attention grabbing ways.

Wall insulation in Sacramento, CA is not often an area of focus for homebuyers, but high-quality insulation can greatly enhance a home’s overall efficiency, providing plenty of cost savings on utility bills and keeping hot and cold air where it’s supposed to be. Now, a new form of insulation promises to revolutionize its industry, especially as the new California Quality Insulation Installation protocols become firmly entrenched.

Soy wall insulation in Sacramento, CA

These new protocols have forced many homeowners and builders to re-evaluate how they insulate their homes. One of the best and newest ways to be compliant with all of these protocols is to use a soy-based polyurethane foam.

This soy-based insulation is an expanding liquid, which allows it to easily conform to any space, ship or size, whether it’s a small crack or a large hole. Additionally, its expanding liquid form allows it to create airtight seals, which not only provides better insulation performance, but also essentially eliminates any chance of mildew or mold forming inside walls and eradicates dust and allergens. Furthermore, many experts have testified that a soy-based foam insulation has a much greater ability to prevent air infiltration than a conventional blown or netted option.

Soy-based polyurethane foam doesn’t just meet the new California Quality Insulation Installation protocols—it exceeds them. This means using this foam in your home is also a means of future-proofing your home against future elevated standards.

Soy-based insulation promises to be a hit in California, which is already known as a progressive state when it comes to environmental protections and sustainability. As it becomes more comfortable here, expect to see it expand to the east and become a major player in the insulation market. Its high-quality results combined with its environmentally friendly nature make it an attractive option for homeowners and homebuilders who are interested in a top-of-the-line insulation product.

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