Six Myths to Bust Before a Choosing Spray Foam Contractor in Sacramento, CA

Spray foam insulation has become a popular home insulation choice over the past decade due to its effectiveness. It not only saves homeowners a significant amount of money each year, but it also helps keep their homes quieter and improves air quality.

Unfortunately, myths continue to circulate, preventing normally savvy homeowners from choosing spray foam insulation. Before you strike this option from your list of possible home insulation options, read about these debunked spray foam insulation myths.

It’s too expensive

Ask yourself this: do you want to make an investment in your home and enjoy years of energy cost savings? Or do you want to save money now and spend year after year dreading your high energy bill? Yes, spray foam insulation is not the cheapest option. However, consider these facts: homes with spray foam insulation lose 50 perfect less air, and spray foam insulation is more durable and lasts longer. In the long run, spray foam insulation is actually a cost-efficient option.

It causes moisture problems

Moisture can be a possible problem in homes with spray foam insulation, but it is not because of the type of insulation—it’s because the homeowners are not ventilating their homes properly. Since spray foam insulation tightens homes so well, moisture buildup from a number of sources is inevitable, including not using bath fans during showers or range fans when cooking, using unvented gas appliances and housing a large number of house plants.

It’s harmful to your health

Decades ago, when spray foam first came out, it contained harmful formaldehyde. This is no longer a concern because today’s spray foam insulation no longer contains formaldehyde and has been tested as a safe and effective insulation material. However, it is vital that you employ a qualified spray foam contractor in Sacramento, CA. Mixing the chemicals and applying them is not a DIY job. It requires expertise and proper protection. Once the material is dried, it is completely non-toxic.

It can only be installed in perfect weather conditions

Weather is not a concern when you choose a qualified spray foam contractor in Sacramento, CA. In fact, spray foam insulation has been installed successfully all over the country. Temperature and humidity does indeed factor into successful installation, but with the right professionals, weather is a non-issue.

It makes houses too tight

Spray foam insulation will result in a “tight” home—but this is a good thing. You will not end up with a house full of stale air. Proper ventilation and opening and closing doors and windows will allow plenty of air to circulate through the house. The tight seal that results from having spray foam insulation will prevent too much air from leaking and give you a comfortable, energy-efficient home.

It’s new and unproven

As mentioned earlier, spray foam insulation has actually been around for decades. Yes, it has evolved, and the current product is different than it was when it first came out in the 1950s, but it is by no means new. Since its debut, it has been recognized by the National Building Code and has been proven to reduce building envelope penetration.

Your home is likely the biggest investment you’ll make in your lifetime. When you’re making home improvement decisions, make sure you’re not relying on hearsay and assumptions for information. Instead, consult the professionals, like 5 Star Performance Insulation, Inc., where you’re guaranteed to get expert, quality insulation services.

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