Ask Attic Insulation Contractors in Sacramento, CA: What Are the Advantages of an Unvented Attic?

What do you picture when you think of an unvented attic? You likely envision a darkened space that’s shut off from all light and air, but this isn’t accurate. It’s still an attic, but there are no vents leading outside, and the attic insulation goes along the slope of a roof’s protective covering. This means the unvented attic space is more like a room, so it’s not ventilated like a traditional attic space. Instead, the unvented attic ceiling has air, temperature and vapor controls in place because the attic is within a conditioned space, which eliminates temperature fluctuations and stops drafts.

Before you make any decisions, you may want to consider talking to your local attic insulation contractors in Sacramento, CA to find out if your home would do better with a vented or unvented attic. For now, here are the advantages of unvented attics:

  • Indoor comfort: Homeowners with new unvented attics notice a distinct change in indoor comfort level. This change is for the better, which is a big advantage for people who are sensitive to sudden temperature changes. With vented attics, cold air can leak in through things like access hatches, uncovered plumbing hardware, ductwork and recessed lighting, making your home a bit uncomfortable. Since unvented attics are conditioned spaces, with insulated barriers and thermal controls installed, there’s less chance for heat loss, and drafts and temperature fluctuations are eliminated.
  • Prevents issues with moisture: Unexpected moisture is not only annoying—it can also be damaging to your furnishings. This dampness can lead to wood rot in furniture, and can also wreak havoc on the indoor air temperature. But when you decide to create an unvented attic space, there’s climate control and you can install insulation and a vapor barrier up near the protected ceiling. Moisture is stopped sooner than it would be in an attic crawlspace, meaning moisture-related problems are prevented.
  • Energy efficiency: The key to keeping cool air in during the summer months and the warm air in during the colder season is to seal the areas where the elements can sneak in. If you subtract a vented attic from the equation, then you have one fewer place for air to escape. Unvented attics are not only insulated at the roof deck, but things like ductwork, pipes and openings from recessed lighting are also sealed better. Condensation is no longer a concern, and your heating and cooling system will run more efficiently.
  • Extra useable space: An unvented attic makes for extra space, and it’s useable! It adds room for storing things or can even be used as a living space. This is thanks to the area being insulated at the ceiling with a thick layer of cellulose or other insulation material.

While the many advantages of creating an unvented attic space may make this an appealing home improvement project in your eyes, you should first set up an appointment with an attic expert. For more information pertaining to unvented attics, feel free to call the professional attic insulation contractors in Sacramento, CA at 5 Star Performance Insulation, Inc. We are here to answer your questions and solve your insulation problems!

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