Insulation vs. Humidity in Sacramento, CA

Many homeowners don’t realize that insulation and humidity are deeply connected. Improving upon one directly affects the other. Unfortunately, this means that the opposite is true as well, which people often learn the hard way. The most common problem occurs when insulation isn’t installed correctly, which can lead to an extensive amount of water damage. Before hiring an insulation contractor in Sacramento, CA, learn more about how important it is for the job to be done correctly the first time around.

How Insulation Absorbs Water

During hot and humid months in Sacramento, there’s a lot of moisture in the air that gets absorbed by your home’s insulation. If your house isn’t properly insulated, that water won’t be able to evaporate and will continue to stay inside your walls, causing serious mold damage. Additionally, wet insulation tends not to function as well as it does when it’s dry. This issue can profoundly impact your energy bills, as your house won’t be able to maintain its temperature as well as it used to.

How Sacramento Weather Can Increase Damage

For those who live in cities that experience drastic weather changes with the seasons, this isn’t as big of a problem. This is because when the temperature drops and the house’s heat gets turned on, hot and dry air makes its way through the walls and dries out the insulation. In Sacramento, the weather doesn’t change quite like that, so we don’t find it necessary always to turn up the heat. It’s for this reason that homes in this city and surrounding areas are at greater risk of having mold and water damage.

What You Can Do

To prevent this from happening in your home, you’ll want to learn the best ways to control the humidity in the air. One of the simplest things you and your family members can do to help is to take shorter, colder showers. The hotter and longer your showers are, the more moisture you’ll be releasing into the air, which ends up being absorbed by your bathroom walls. You should also make sure that you’re using a fan in your bathroom while showering to ensure that the room is being ventilated, allowing most of the moisture to escape. The kitchen should also be properly ventilated, as cooking releases a lot of moisture into the air as well. Another simple solution is to purchase one or several dehumidifiers, which not only provide a variety of health benefits but will also take the moisture out of the air in your home.

If you’re afraid that the damage has already been done to your insulation, call a certified insulation contractor in Sacramento, CA to assess the situation. It’s essential that you hire a contractor with experience as well as a license to ensure the job is done correctly. At 5 Star Performance Insulation, Inc., our staff has been recognized for its commitment to providing our customers with top-notch service. With over 20 years in business, we offer numerous insulation options that will suit both your needs and your budget. Call us today for an estimate!

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