What Type of Insulation Is Best for Dry Climates?

If you don’t have any experience in the insulation industry, you may think that insulation is insulation and, regardless of where you live, that type will do just fine in keeping your home comfortable throughout the year. While that would be nice and could save everyone a big hassle, it’s not the case. Your climate affects where you should insulate your home and what types of insulation you should use. In this post from your attic insulation contractors in Sacramento, CA, we’ll cover what you need to know about insulation for dry, hot climates.

Why is insulation important?

Insulation’s purpose is to slow the transfer of heat. In hotter areas, that heat typically tries to penetrate your walls and roof, making your home hot and uncomfortable. On the opposite end of the spectrum, those who live in colder climates need to install insulation to keep their heat from escaping through their walls and roof. In the South and Southwest, the number one concern is properly insulating the attic, since the sun’s brutal rays can quickly raise the temperature in your home.

Focus on the attic

When it comes to attic insulation, the more the merrier! From radiant barrier to blown-in insulation, you can never have too much insulation in a hot climate. We recommend installing radiant barrier insulation on the underside of the roof to reflect that brutal heat from turning your attic into an oven. However, spray foam or even fiberglass batts can do the trick, too.

If your attic is finished, your roof insulation will have to do. If it’s unfinished, on the other hand, you can do a lot more to keep it insulated. Consider purchasing blown-in insulation to fill every nook and cranny up in your attic. This insulation is relatively inexpensive and easy to install by yourself if you have the time to do it. Just be sure to avoid blocking any air vents, and never cover any exposed wiring with this insulation.

If you’d rather have a professional handle the job for you, just give us a call. As one of the top attic insulation contractors in Sacramento, CA, we’ll be able to put as much blown-in insulation in your attic as possible. You’ll never need to worry about having a scorching attic again.

Keep AC in

Now that your attic is properly insulated and the sun won’t be able to heat your home up so easily, it’s time to ensure that your cool air doesn’t slip out through your doors and windows. Weather stripping can cost as little as $20 per window and can do just as much as replacing them all with expensive energy efficient windows. Not only will your home be cooler and more comfortable, but you’ll also save a ton of money on your monthly cooling bills.

If you’ve done all you can to insulate your attic but still feel uncomfortable in your home, give 5 Star Performance Insulation, Inc. a call. We’ll be happy to come out and take a look to see what we can do to upgrade your insulation, or even add insulation where you didn’t think you’d need it!

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