What You Should Know About Cheap vs. Expensive Insulation

There comes a time when a homeowner must make some decisions about the insulation in their home. Maybe you’re buying or building a new house. Perhaps you’ve owned a home for a while but don’t know much about its insulation. Regardless of the circumstances, you’ll need to explore options for adding new or replacing old insulation. While looking into new or replacement insulation, you’ll find yourself wondering whether cheap insulation is worth it in Sacramento, CA.

Does cost affect insulation quality?

Many clients that hire us to install or replace insulation ask whether expensive insulation is better than the alternative in Sacramento, CA. It seems like you would get more bang for your buck with more expensive insulation, but the cost difference is significant and hard to ignore. So which insulation is right for your home?

Let’s compare some of the most popular types of residential insulation. Foam board, spray foam and fiberglass blown insulation have the highest cost per square foot—$3,190, $2,065 and $1,315 respectively. While foam board and spray foam insulation work great for particular places or portions of a structure, they do present moderate to high health risks. However, fiberglass blown insulation has the lowest safety risk.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have fiberglass batt, mineral wool and cellulose insulation, coming in at $560, $865 and $1,250 per square foot respectively. Even though cellulose and mineral wool are more expensive than fiberglass batt, they present more of a health risk. Fiberglass batt and blown insulation options both have the lowest health risk levels.

What should I look for when shopping for insulation?

While more expensive insulation doesn’t necessarily equate to safer insulation, materials like foam board and spray foam insulation products serve specific purposes. Spray foam insulation is ideal for sealing leaks and gaps, whereas fiberglass batts work wonders in new construction or spaces with no obstructions.

As you look through insulation options for your property, it’s essential to consider the following attributes:

  • R-value: Make sure the insulation product you want to use has the correct R-value. This determines how well the insulation stops the flow of heat.
  • Budget: Of course, you want to consider which insulation option gets the job done within your budget. While spray foam might help close off the air leaks in your older house, it might be cost-prohibitive to you. In that case, speak with your insulation contractor to determine what makes the most sense.
  • Insulation varieties: While phenolic foam board insulation is increasingly popular, there are other rigid insulation types, made from polyisocyanurate, expanded polystyrene, EPS, XPS, fiberglass or bead board. Keep in mind that because there are so many options available, that’s why working with an expert makes all the difference.

Need help installing new insulation in your home? Still wondering, “Is cheap insulation worth it?” To replace old insulation or install new insulation in Sacramento, CA, it’s best to understand the materials you’re working with and the best methods for handling them. Contact us today to speak with our experienced insulation professionals to discuss your project.

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