What You Need to Know About Crawlspaces and Insulation

You shouldn’t neglect your crawlspace, as it serves an important purpose. What you need to know about a crawlspace is that it serves as an area where plumbers and other service providers can inspect a home’s inner workings. If left without proper protection, your crawlspace could experience the growth of mold, water damage, pest infestations and other problems. All these issues could result in the need for major repairs or other services. That’s why it’s always a good idea to invest in good insulation for your crawlspace.

Insulation for colder climates

In areas where the temperatures may go below freezing during the winter months, it’s especially important to invest in good insulation for your crawlspace. This is because heat could easily escape from your home through the crawlspace. If you have your heat blasting all winter, but your floor is still cold, your crawlspace could be the problem. Insulating your crawlspace walls with rigid insulation could help prevent heat loss through your floors. It’s also important to fill any and all air leaks. A professional insulation contractor could take care of this for you in no time.

Insulation for mild climates

If you live in an area like Petaluma that experiences milder winters, you could probably get away with 6-inch-thick, R-19 fiberglass batt insulation. This type of insulation is often cheaper than rigid insulation. You’d simply need to have it installed between the floor joists of your home.

Other ways of protecting your crawl space

While good insulation is important, you should also provide your crawlspace with good ventilation. Proper ventilation helps the insulation control moisture levels in your crawlspace, which can help prevent the growth of mold and water damage. Most experts recommend having a 1-square-foot vent installed for every 150 square feet of crawlspace. During the winter, closing these vents can help prevent your pipes from freezing.

Alternatively, you could have your crawlspace encapsulated in a moisture barrier made from a waterproof polyethylene material. This can easily prevent mold, mildew, wood rot, pests and other issues. If you’re going with this method, be sure to keep a dehumidifier in your crawlspace as well.

Installing insulation

While it’s possible to install insulation on your own, it’s usually a smarter bet to call in a professional. It’s easy to make a mistake when doing things on your own, which could result in the need for expensive repairs. Those without experience may also end up buying the wrong tools and type of insulation, making the project a big waste of money. Professional insulation experts will get the job done right the first time. A reputable company will be able to have its technicians quickly and efficiently install your insulation.

If you’re worried about saving money, it’s important to remember that good insulation is a lifelong investment. Not only that, but the right insulation will help you save on energy bills and future repair costs.

Many people wonder, “Do I need to insulate my crawlspace?” As you can see, crawlspace insulation is important. Contact the experts at 5 Star Performance Insulation, Inc. to install top-quality insulation in your crawlspace before the winter months hit. Doing so will help prevent mold, pests, heat loss and plenty of other issues.

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