Why You Should Leave Insulation Installation to a Professional

Thanks to a proliferation of DIY websites, many homeowners and DIY hobbyists try to take on a lot of tasks themselves. While you might be skilled at painting your own home and landscaping the front yard, when it comes to insulation, you should leave it to the pros. Between the wasted time, lost money and often ineffective insulation job, you’ll be better off getting it done right the first time.

Common mistakes people make with insulation

Here’s why a professional should do your insulation installation job:

  • Removing the old insulation: One of the first things DIY-ers tend to do is remove their home’s old insulation. Not only is this unnecessary, making it a waste of time, it’s also messy and potentially dangerous. If your home was built in the 1950s or ‘60s, there’s a good chance your insulation uses asbestos. It won’t harm you if you leave it alone, but it will if you agitate the fibers and breathe them in. The only reason you should remove insulation is if it’s moldy, filled with animal droppings or your insulation contractor recommends it for another reason.
  • Using the wrong materials: You might know a thing or two about insulation, but the odds are good that you don’t know as much as a professional. Insulation contractors not only know the pros and cons of each insulation type, but they’re also familiar with where they work best. Plus, since they install insulation in your area every day, they’ll know which types are most effective for your specific weather challenges.
  • Overstuffing the walls and attic: More is better, right? Not necessarily, at least when it comes to insulation. For example, people are often tempted to overstuff their walls with fiberglass insulation. The problem is that fiberglass works by trapping hot air between the woven strands of fiberglass. If you cram it tightly into the walls, there won’t be enough space for air to be trapped. Your home will be hotter as a result.
  • Blocking airflow: Insulating your attic is key—but if you block the airflow, you’re setting yourself up for different problems. Most attics have soffits and eave vents, which allow air to circulate. Blocking these can lead to condensation, resulting in mold and mildew forming in your attic. If it spreads, you might end up with structural damage (and a big mold remediation bill).
  • Failing to seal air leaks: Of course, when it comes to your walls, you need to seal the air leaks. Not only will air leaks work against your insulation, but they’ll also allow mold, dust, dirt and animals to get into your home. Your insulation contractor will know where to find air leaks and how to seal them.
  • Not getting or using enough material: Finally, you might run into the opposite problem of overstuffing: not having enough material to properly insulate your home. Save yourself some hassle and let a professional measure and insulate for best results.

Now that you know which common mistakes people make when installing their own insulation and why you should hire a professional for this project, it’s time to contact a trusted contractor. To get the best insulation results possible, call 5 Star Performance Insulation, Inc. today.

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