8 Signs Your Insulation Needs to Be Replaced or Is Past Its Serviceable Life

At its core, your home serves as a buffer between you and the elements. How well that buffer functions depends largely on a few factors. One of the main factors affecting your home’s feel and efficiency is its insulation.

Although you can’t see it, your house’s insulation is uniquely important. It can affect everything from the air quality in your home to your home’s value—not to mention it’s interior temperature and energy efficiency. House insulation also has a finite shelf life.

Here are eight signs your insulation needs to be replaced.


An old home likely means that the insulation is old as well. If you purchased an older home, you should try to determine when (if ever) the insulation has been replaced. Older homes may also have older insulation made from potentially hazardous materials. If your insulation is multiple decades old, call a professional to come and inspect it to see if it needs to be replaced.


Your attic can be an ideal home for rodents. It’s often warm, dry, guarded against the elements and flush with potential nesting materials like insulation, paper, cardboard and other items. The bad news is that rodents can compromise the functional and structural integrity of your attic’s insulation. If you see or hear signs of rodent activity, call an exterminator first and an attic insulation contractor second.

High energy costs

If your house’s insulation is lacking, your home’s HVAC system will be forced to work harder to counteract any temperature changes. You’ll likely see evidence of this in your energy bill via rising costs, and this will be a valid reason to call an attic insulation contractor.


If your home feels drafty, you may need to call an attic insulation contractor. This can occur if there are pockets of warm and dry air within your home. These air pockets naturally want to move around, and they are often evidence of air leaks within your home.


When exterior air gets into your attic, it can bring moisture with it as well. This is usually the case with hot air. This could be a problem because moisture that builds up in a dark place can facilitate the growth of bacteria and mold. These issues can require you to replace your attic’s insulation.

Inconsistent temperatures

If you notice that the temperature in your home is fluctuating wildly, that could be a sign that you need new house insulation, and you should consider calling an insulation contractor.


If there are leaks in your home’s roof, it can compromise the effectiveness of your insulation. In addition to that, like moisture, it can lead to growth of hazardous microorganisms like bacteria and mold. Water damage or leaks mean it’s time to call an attic insulation contractor.


Poor attic insulation can lead to poor air quality. Poor air quality can increase the risk of certain allergic reactions and illnesses. If you find that someone or multiple people in your home keep getting sick for unexplained reasons, the culprit might be your insulation.

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