Benefits of Insulating Your Home Crawlspace

So you have hired an expert and ensured your home is properly insulated. But you notice something is wrong — your walls are warm and nice, but the floors are unbearably cold. It might be your crawlspace. This space is usually hidden but still plays an essential role in full insulation coverage.

Does a Crawlspace Need To Be Insulated?

Insulating your home crawlspace should be your priority. Fiberglass and spray foam are the two types of insulation used in a crawlspace. Here are six benefits of insulating your home crawlspace.

1. Reduce Pest Infestation  

Humid or cracked crawlspaces create a breeding ground for pests like mice, bugs, and termites. Such pests can threaten your family’s health by carrying various diseases like scabies and chiggers. A properly and neatly insulated crawlspace can help reduce cold spots, cracks, and drafts, thus keeping your home pest free.

2. Longer-Lasting and Efficient HVAC Systems

HVAC systems can easily break down unexpectedly, especially when working harder to cool, heat, and ventilate a poorly insulated home. These systems can be costly to install, service and repair. Fortunately, there are simple ways to ensure your HVAC system is in good condition — regular service and repair, periodic inspections, and properly insulating your crawlspace.

3. Increase Home Value

One thing that prospective buyers look at your house is the crawlspace. A well-insulated crawlspace can help market your home by showing that you took measures to improve your home’s structural integrity and energy efficiency.

It is also a sign that your home is well-maintained. With that, your home’s resale value can shoot. This is a significant return on investment for such a small project and cost.

4. Reduce Moisture  

Your crawlspace is prone to mildew or mold growth if your home is not well-insulated or sealed. This situation can risk your family of asthma allergies, compromised immune systems, and respiratory complaints. Insulating your crawlspace can help reduce the formation of moisture in your home.

5. Improve Indoor Air Quality  

Many outdoor air pollutants like pollen, vehicle fumes, and dust can enter your home through unsealed cracks and gaps on crawlspaces. Additionally, mildew or mold issues and off-gassing of home furnishings and finishes can contaminate your indoor air quality. Improve your indoor air quality by insulating your crawlspace and eradicating existing pests.

6. Prevent Radon Gas Poisoning

Radon gas is naturally produced when radioactive metals like radium, thorium, or uranium break down in groundwater, soil, or rocks. You can be exposed to radon by breathing radon in air through gaps and cracks in your crawlspace. This might cause lung cancer when inhaled for a long time. Insulate your crawlspace to help prevent radon gas from seeping into your house and poisoning your loved ones.

Let 5 Star Performance Insulation, Inc, Help You 

A poorly insulated crawlspace can impact your house’s durability, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality. Fortunately, we can help inspect it and find a long-lasting solution for your underlying issue. Contact us today for more information about our crawlspace insulation and repair services.