Damage Rodents Can Do to Your Insulation

Rodents are something that we all deal with. They can be in your home, and you not even be aware of them. That being said, if you realize that you have rodents, it is important that you take the time to remove them before they cause more damage to your home and insulation.

Do Rodents Damage Insulation?

Rodents most certainly can cause damage to your insulation, and there is not a ton that you can do unless you get rid of them. The main way that rodents damage insulation is by burrowing into it to nest in it, or shredding it and carrying it off to make their bedding out of it. Insulation provides rodents with a warm material that they can use for their beds, it is also easy to get into and will be dry.

Rodents can get into the insulation between your walls, they can get into insulation that is under the home, or they can get into insulation that is in the attic. They can cause tons of damage to the insulation and even go to the bathroom in your insulation which can cause even more damage. Insulation is crucial for a home, so ensuring that you are keeping it clean and free of pests is a must.

What Do Rodents Do To Insulation

First and foremost, rodents get into the insulation and shred or displace it in one way or another. They can displace it by moving it around to make a nest in it, shred it and carry it off to another nest, and just take it and make it a home for themselves and their babies.

If they do take the insulation out of the walls and other spaces, they can take it and shred it and leave a terrible mess that you have to clean up, they can leave nasty trails, and they can also use your insulation to make nests so that they can breed and bring more pests into your home. Rodents can cause thousands of dollars in damage without ever knowing that they are in the home and without your being aware of the damage that they are causing.

If you do notice or suspect that you have rodents, it is essential to contact a pest control service that can remove the pests, secure your home so that they cannot come back in, and ensure that your home is pest free.