Colossal Tile Company January 26, 2020

2021-03-04 | 23:12:12

"These guys are great! They bent their schedule around to accommodate us, were right on time, came up with resourceful solutions to every obstacle. All around pros!"
Tug Dogs January 3, 2020

2021-03-04 | 23:12:10

"5 star came out and gave me an honest assessment that I didn't need more insullation and gave me free tips about how to better circulate the air in my house. When I do need assistance in the future, I'm definetely calling 5 star :)"
John Doughty August 21, 2019

2021-03-04 | 23:12:08

"Had Gary and company spray foam my Sacramento House. They did the all perimeter walls and attic area as we were doing a complete remodel. Later I had them come back do the same for the garage. They did an excellent job, cleaned up thoroughly, price was reasonable and they were punctual what more could you ask for!"
Shari Moody January 16, 2016

"We remodeled our McKinley Park house seven years ago. When I say remodeled, I mean we tore the house down to two walls and built it back up adding on a second story. When it came time to insulate the house we called Gary Talbott at 5 Star Performance Insulation to do the job. His company blew cellulose in all our exterior walls and attic. Gary’s team of workers were very professional, hard-working and did an amazing job. They were fast and efficient and the end result has saved us thousands of dollars in energy bills. When it’s 100 degrees outside, our house is 78; when its 40 degrees outside, our house is 60. It’s been seven years since we insulated our house and it is just as energy efficient now as it was seven years ago. Cellulose is a great product and I highly recommend 5 Star Performance Insulation to do the job, you will be pleased."
Scott C. - Roseville, CA October 22, 2015

"They did our home 12 years ago, now roof needs to be done and the estimates included blowing in R38 per code because there was an area that wasn't deep like the rest of the house, I wrote Gary, he came out had his crew come out the next day and blew in more even though it's in my porch area, a non living area. Great service! Very nice crew, I'm super pleased, considering it was 12 years later and he Didn't have to do it. Amazing!"
Geoffrey K. - Roseville, CA October 14, 2014

"I contacted 5 Star based on the recommendation of an acquaintance who is a Real Estate agent and talking to one of their reps at a home show. The reason I contacted them was because my house is approximately 30 years old and the insulation was shot. Also I had obtained an outrageous proposal from a company that had installed my new furnace/air-conditioner. (see my other reviews). Their estimate was literally one tenth of the other companies."