Thermal Imaging Can Help Spot Weaknesses in Your Home’s Insulation in Sacramento, CA

Whether you live in a warm or cold climate, insulation is extremely important in your home. Insulation helps you keep your house warm or cold, or just the way you like it without spending hundreds of dollars to do so.

Many know the benefits of insulation, but how many know if the insulation in their house is working properly? One way to find out is through thermal imaging, a device that uses a camera or another imaging device that measures the intensity of radiant energy being emitted by the surfaces the camera takes a picture of. Often times the end picture will end up with a mixture of darker and lighter colors. The darker the color, the less insulation is found there.

The following are a few ways thermal imaging can help you spot problems with your insulation in Sacramento, CA:

  • Find electrical issues: Through thermal imaging, a professional can detect motors, circuits and other electrical equipment that doesn’t work correctly. The imaging is done from a distance, so the image can detect electrical equipment that is hard to reach and is normally hard to read. Those electrical pieces that are not working correctly will show on the image as warmer. Detecting electrical issues this way helps you quickly fix issues before a fire, overheating and eventually failure occurs.
  • Detect inefficiency: Thermal imaging quickly and easily detects issues with heating and cooling that can be resolved through insulation improvements. Heat and cooling losses from walls, HVAC and windows is one of the easiest things to detect, and can help you save massive amounts of money. While thermal cameras can’t read the air temperature, they can measure the impact of the air temperature on the surface. Using this information, you can determine if the airflow is reaching all areas of the house or room. In addition, because thermal imaging devices cover wide areas, such as an entire household, you may spot more problems than you think you had. Therefore, you can guarantee you at least know of all of the heating and cooling losses that affect your home and your pocketbook.
  • Identify roofing issues: A roof is your asset that keeps moisture out of your home, and you’ll want to keep it that way. Thermal imaging can keep you up to date on the condition of your roof so you realize if you need to replace part of it before the water starts to leak from your heating and cooling unit. Many roofs have issues with punctures or gaps in a seam that closes off your heating and cooling unit. When something like that happens, water will saturate above the insulation in the roof deck. That moisture will heat as the sun shines on the house, but at night the areas with moisture will take longer to radiate heat. Spotting these issues can save you money too; you may find that you only need to replace one spot on the roof instead of the entire area.

To use thermal imaging to help identify weaknesses in your insulation in Sacramento, CA, visit 5 Star Performance Insulation, Inc.

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