Five Signs You Should Replace Your Home’s Insulation Material—and Consider Installing Spray Foam Insulation in Sacramento, CA

Warm in the winter, cool in the summer—at least that’s every homeowner’s goal. Your HVAC system pumps and circulates air inside your home, while wall and attic insulation keeps it from escaping. But your insulation must be in tip-top shape to work properly. So when the time comes to look into home insulation replacement, consider going with a high quality spray foam insulation material. Here are some signs that may point to the need for new insulation in Sacramento, CA:

  • High monthly energy bills: Whether you’re using the heater or the cooler, poor quality or insufficient home insulation could take the blame for unusually high energy bills. Because of insulation issues, indoor air can escape through the walls and out the attic, which leads to your HVAC system working twice as hard to maintain the temperature you’ve set on the thermostat. Replace inefficient home insulation materials with a new product and watch your energy bills drop.
  • Different room temperatures: If you frequently experience noticeable temperature shifts from room to room, this could indicate inadequate insulation. For example, you may have the air conditioner on, and one of the bedrooms is freezing cold while the living room temperature is just right. Unless there’s a window open in a room, different room temperatures should not be happening. Check attic insulation, as well as any insulation that may be wrapped around ceiling or floor air ducts.
  • Indoor drafts: Have you ever experienced what felt like a group of ghosts walking through you? Or caught a wave of heat as you went from one room to another? All this, even though you have the cooler or heater running—this means air drafts are entering your home. Drafts can occur when there’s not enough padding between exterior walls and the inside air, which can cause an uncomfortable indoor temperature. Make sure all windows and doors are closed, and then check crawlspace insulation.
  • Visible water damage: It doesn’t take much moisture to destroy an entire section of attic insulation. And once it’s wet, there’s little chance of saving the material, thanks to things like mold growth and water deforming its shape. Therefore, it needs immediate replacement. To ensure your newly installed insulation in Sacramento, CA stays in good condition, inspect your roof for leaks and damage before and after the rainy seasons.
  • It’s an older home: One of the most common reasons homeowners need to replace insulation is because they live in an older home. It’s not usual for materials and building standards to change every so often, so it is not unheard of for residential homes that were built even a few decades ago to have a lower quality insulation material. Since you are likely to find exposed insulation up in the attic, inspect insulation for age, damage, crumbling and even a lack of actual material.

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