Insulation-An Option for a New Home?

Every day you can read in the newspaper about the price of natural gas being at a high level and not expected to drop in the near future. It has even been mentioned that Southern Ca. might have to deal with Blackouts this summer. Sacramento Utility District is considering an average 6% electric rate increase. PG&E has proposed raising electric rates for home users by 4%.
Reading or hearing all of this, few New Home Buyers have to be convinced of the important role good insulation plays in saving those hard earned dollars from going down the Energy Drain!
Unfortunately with the demand for housing remaining at record levels most Home Builders are reluctant to go beyond the minimum requirements(title 24) when it comes to insulation. Builders do put an enormous effort into attracting the potential Homebuyer by putting money and effort into those items that can be seen such as granite counter tops, special door hardware, tile floors, etc.
Unfortunately insulation is a hidden item that rarely gets the attention that it deserves.

Don’t Give Up!

There are some Savvy Builders that realize that offering an “Upgrade Insulation Option” makes good business sense. Standard application of fiberglass batts meet code but fall way short compared to Upgrade Insulation Options such as Sprayed Cellulose or Sprayed Foam in Place products.
So! If you are one of the thousands looking for a New Home to purchase ask the Builder if they offer an Upgrade Insulation Option. You won’t be sorry you did!

Gary Talbott is the owner of 5 Star Performance Insulation, which specializes in High Performance Environmentally Sensitive Recycled Spray Insulation Products. Gary has been an Insulation Contractor since 1970. Not has been an Insulation Contractor in three states, he has appeared on “This old House” and has been featured in numerous magazines, including Builder. Gary can be reached at (916) 416-5170

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