Get Ready for Summer with New Insulation in Sacramento, CA

Summer is on its way, and so are the warmer temperatures. Is your home ready to face the heat? It may need a new layer of insulation in Sacramento, CA for extra protection during the summer months. Some may be surprised to learn that insulation isn’t just good for keeping your home warm in the winter—it also provides protection from the hot sun in the summertime, allowing you to stay cooler when you are indoors.

Save money on energy costs

When you install new insulation in Sacramento, CA, you are creating a protective barrier against the summer heat, which can make your home hot, sticky and uncomfortable. With new insulation in your home, you will be able to develop a strong protective layer against the heat and keep your home cooler all summer long.

With new insulation in Sacramento, CA, you will likely find that you need to operate your air conditioning system less frequently, while still keeping your home nice and cool. Because insulation works to keep outdoor air from entering your home—and indoor air from escaping—it is able to provide a layer of protection for gaps, holes or crevices that allow for unwanted airflow. By keeping your home cooler during the summer months with new insulation, you will see significant savings on your energy bill down and save on your monthly cooling costs overall.

The investment you make in new insulation in Sacramento, CA will be paid back quickly through the savings in your energy costs during the summer months. If one of your primary reasons for investing in new insulation is to save money, keep in mind that a greater initial cost for installation may be worth it to enjoy greater savings down the line.

Be more comfortable

New insulation in Sacramento, CA can also keep your home free of moisture that can make it feel more humid in the summer months. It may be hot and sticky outside, but there is no reason for your home to have high humidity levels. New insulation works to prevent moisture buildup, leaving your home more comfortable and free of excess humidity during the summer months.

Proper insulation in your home can also help you when you’re looking to buy new air conditioning equipment, as you will be able to invest in a unit that is properly sized for your home as well as for the amount and quality of insulation you have. This can save you money, as you may be able to avoid buying a larger air conditioning system thanks to your new insulation, which provides you with better protection from the summer heat.

With new insulation in Sacramento, CA, your home will feel comfortable and cool even as the outdoor temperatures rise this summer. Contact 5 Star Performance Insulation, Inc. to have your home equipped with new insulation. We offer an array of insulation types to choose from, including spray foam, cellulose, blown-in and fiberglass batts. We look forward to helping you choose the insulation product that is right for your home!

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