When Is the Best Time to Check Your Insulation for Replacement?

During the coldest and warmest months of the year, you depend on your heater and air conditioner to keep your home comfortable in spite of whatever weather is going on outside. Luckily, your unit has insulation to help it out. The insulation prevents the air from escaping out of your home. Good insulation can reduce your monthly heating and cooling costs by approximately 20 percent, but you can’t reap those benefits when insulation goes bad. Over time, the insulation can become less effective due to deterioration, rot or a pest infestation. Knowing when it is time to check your insulation for replacement can help you avoid any unnecessary discomfort or inflated utility bills.

Here are five signs that it’s time to replace your insulation in Sacramento, CA:

  • High energy bills: This is the most obvious—and painful—sign that it’s time for an insulation upgrade. A trend of higher energy bills points to a weak spot where the outdoor temperatures are able to seep into your home. As a result, your air conditioner or heater has to work twice as hard to maintain the designated temperature, which causes your energy costs to increase.
  • Shifts in temperatures: Does the temperature in your home seem to be constantly changing? Then it’s time to contact a professional insulation installation specialist. The dramatic changes in temperature are often caused by a shift in the insulation material. It’s then significantly more challenging for your system to keep a consistent temperature throughout your entire home.
  • Signs of pests: Rodents, reptiles and bugs love attics and crawl spaces. These dark and cool spaces make a perfect home for them. Unfortunately, they can leave feces and other debris in your insulation, which makes it ineffective. Any affected materials will need to be replaced if this happens.
  • Damp insulation: Your home’s insulation can’t do its job if it is wet. Damp insulation can result in the growth of mold that can be harmful to your family if the microbes circulate through the air. The moisture clogs the insulation, causing it to be completely useless, as it is unable to trap the air.
  • Indoor drafts: Don’t write that cold draft off as just being a symptom of the season or one of the drawbacks of living in an older house. Ineffective insulation can allow drafts to enter into the home, especially in the attic. There’s no barrier to keep the outside air separated from the inside environment without sufficient insulation, which causes the drafts of cold air to be noticeable.

Don’t spend another season paying for abnormally high energy bills due to old or damaged insulation. Replacing insulation is a simple process with the help of 5 Star Performance Insulation, Inc. Our professional team has more than 30 years of experience in the greater Sacramento area and throughout the state. We’ll provide a high performance insulation system so your home will stay perfectly comfortable throughout the entire year. Call us today to consult a professional about whether it’s time to replace your insulation in Sacramento, CA!

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