What Is the Future of Home Insulation in Sacramento, CA?

As technology keeps marching forward, so do trends in the construction industry. From engineering techniques to insulation in Sacramento, CA, things continue to change and advance.

Where are current trends in home insulation taking us? Twenty years ago, fiberglass batt was the typical solution. Following this came spray foam. This overcame some of the drawbacks of fiberglass and provided additional energy savings. Now, builders are finding more and more “green” solutions to create environmentally friendly, energy-efficient homes.

As these new methods are applied, the same basic principles hold true. For maximum benefits, property owners should insulate their buildings the same way they would insulate themselves on a cold winter day.

Wear a hat: Insulate the top

Many people think of insulation in Sacramento, CA as something that goes in the walls only. Much of a home’s heat, however, can be lost through attic spaces. Don’t forget, hot air rises. Just as you’d put a hat on to keep your body warm, be sure you don’t neglect the top of your house. Proper insulation in the attic and in ceilings can save a pretty penny on utility bills.

Put on a coat: Insulate the walls

Properly insulating the walls can help keep hot and cold air where you want it, as well as create a buffer for noise. Wrapping your rooms with insulation in Sacramento, CA can make a huge impact, yet many homes built before 1990 don’t have wall insulation. If you live in an older home, consider adding this feature. Think of it as slipping your property into a comfortable jacket for the season.

Pull on a pair of boots: Insulate the floor

Cold air drops, so the lowest part of your property will be the coolest. If you want to insulate against losing cool air in the upper floors and protect against the loss of heat in lower ones, insulate your floors and foundation. This will act as a pair of snug boots on the feet of your home. It will walk around more appropriately protected from the elements.

Consult a fashion designer: Contact an insulation professional

If you want to ensure your accessories match and perform the way you’d like them to, you may seek the advice of a fashion expert. Do the same for your insulation. Some DIY-ers may discover they can do a few insulation projects on their own. However, it’s always helpful to consult with insulation professionals to make sure the job is done right. Plus, some projects, such as ceiling insulation, can be tricky. To avoid fire hazards and ensure your insulation in Sacramento, CA is installed for optimal results, contact the pros.

Dress your home with the best

When you’re ready to start putting on your home’s outerwear, contact the experts at 5 Star Performance Insulation, Inc. Our experienced professionals can help you determine the best solutions for your property to achieve a perfectly dressed home that is ready for the elements. Learn more about our services and receive a free quote today by giving us a call!

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