Get Proper Insulation in Sacramento, CA to Protect Yourself from the Heat

The purpose of insulation in Sacramento, CA is to keep cold air out in the winter and hot air out in the summer. In hot climates, insulation works by slowing down the conductive, radiant and convective transfer of heat. Properly applied insulation keeps the heat from working its way inside and creating an uncomfortable indoor environment.

Where to insulate

If you live in a hot climate, the professionals recommend focusing on insulating two key places: the attic and around windows and doors. However, the type of insulation materials and the amount of insulation to use will depend on factors like location and energy savings goals.

The attic

Attics sit beneath the roof where the scorching sun beats all summer long. The higher the outdoor temperature, the more your attic can feel like an oven. Without insulation in the attic, this heat will make its way down into your living spaces, making you want to turn on the air conditioning more and leave it on for longer. For improved comfort and to lower your energy bills, get an assessment of the underside of your roof (go into the attic to do this) and the floors of the attic, and either add or replace insulation.

Good radiant barriers for the undersides of roofs include spray foam, fiberglass and rock wool batts. For attic floors, turn your attention to blown-in insulation. It’s effective, affordable and quick to install.

There are some things to be aware of when insulating an attic:

  • Airflow: An attic that cannot provide proper airflow will choke the air out of your house, so you must make sure the insulation materials are not blocking any airflow through soffit vents, ridge vents or cable vents.
  • Knob and tube wiring: Unless your attic has already been converted into a bedroom, any active knob and tube wiring needs to be removed by a professional. Covering it with insulation can cause fires.

Insulate around windows and doors

After the attic, it’s your windows and exterior doors that are letting in unwanted outdoor air. It’s more about air sealing than the glass being single- or double-paned. If heat transfer is happening, it’s because there are tiny gaps around these areas that are allowing air to seep through. The solution? Add weather stripping and insulation between the frames and the walls, and say goodbye to hot drafts!

Where you don’t need to insulate

It makes sense to think “the more insulation, the better,” but this is not always true. In fact, there are some spaces in your home or building that professional insulation installers say you should not waste your money on. These areas include crawlspaces, replacement windows and exterior walls. It’s suggested that the payback and energy savings is minimal when compared to the cost of materials and effort. Of course, you should talk to an expert and get an evaluation before starting any insulation project.

Do you want to install new insulation in Sacramento, CA before summer arrives? Contact the team at 5 Star Performance Insulation, Inc. today to schedule an appointment!

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