Tips for Making Sure You’re Well Insulated for Winter

Checking to make sure you’re insulated for winter when you live in Sacramento, CA is a necessary task. We usually think of summer as the time when our energy bills skyrocket, but below-freezing winter weather is common in the area, and heating costs can go way up. Luckily, investing in effective insulation and taking some other steps to winterize your home can help keep costs down until spring arrives.

Here are some ways you can keep your home insulated during the winter season:

  • Add a storm door or replace the screen: If you have a storm door, you know they’re great for letting in a little fresh air and light during the spring and fall. If you replace that screen with a solid glass pane, however, you’ll be adding another layer of protection against drafts and keeping out the cold.
  • Seal your doorways: Doors and doorways can be drafty, which is never more obvious than in the winter. If you’re getting a blast of arctic air every time you walk by a door, then it’s time to insulate. Rubber weather-stripping is a great way to keep the cold air out (and in, during the summer months). If your door has a large gap between the floor and the door, try a double draft stopper. They’re removable draft stoppers made of cylindrical foam on either side of the door, which can be easily taken off when winter is over.
  • Insulate your windows: Windows can give off drafts, too. You can either choose to replace them, or try a DIY hack: get plastic sheeting with double-sided tape, apply to your windows, and use a hairdryer to help it adhere and shrink. It’s not exactly an attractive solution, but it’s a lot cheaper than window replacement!
  • Insulate your attic: Attics can be a major source of heat loss, since hot air rises. If you have an unfinished, uninsulated attic, call the pros at 5 Star Performance Insulation, Inc. We can use a number of different insulation types and methods to ensure you don’t lose any more heat from your attic. This will have the most significant impact on your energy bill out of all the tips we’ve shared.
  • Take care of your water heater: We bet you never thought about dressing your water heater up in a nice jacket before, but it’s not as crazy as it sounds. You can buy insulated water heater “jackets” that will add insulation and keep the water warmer, so your water heater won’t have to work as hard.
  • Regular HVAC maintenance: When you perform regular HVAC maintenance, like regularly changing your air filters, cleaning your ducts and ensuring there are no leaks, your system won’t need to work overtime.

Need help checking your insulation for winter in Sacramento, CA?

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