How Often Should You Reinsulate Your House?

All too often, homeowners don’t realize that the insulation in their properties needs to be regularly replaced. Just as other parts of your home age, so does your insulation. As the insulation gets older, you’ll notice a variety of issues that crop up. If you are wondering, “When should I reinsulate?” read on to learn what you need to know properly maintain your Sacramento, CA home.

When you need to reinsulate your home

Since there are a variety of insulation types, it’s hard to give an exact timeframe for how often to reinsulate in Sacramento, CA. However, there are signs that you can look for around your home to ascertain whether you need to have your home reinsulated:

  • Temperature fluctuations from room to room: You walk from your kitchen to the living room and feel a noticeable change in the temperatures of the two rooms. Even with your heating or cooling system working, it seems impossible to manage the air temperature in your house. If you want to know when you should reinsulate in Sacramento, CA, don’t ignore these important indicators that your insulation is not doing its job.
  • Signs of moisture in your attic: Water stains or actual puddles of water in your attic are a telltale sign that you need to call an insulation contractor to inspect your home.
  • HVAC system running inefficiently: You’ve had an HVAC technician look at your system only to determine it’s working correctly. However, your HVAC system is constantly running in an effort to cool or heat your home. This might mean your insulation needs updating.
  • Steady increase in energy bills: Though nothing has changed in the way you use energy in your home, your bill continues to increase. This could mean that your HVAC system is running all of the time since your home’s insulation is old and needs to be changed. Until you reinsulate your home, your HVAC unit will continue to run around the clock in an effort to properly heat or cool your home.
  • Roof leak: If the roof of your home has recently experienced a water leak, your insulation might have been affected. Moisture in insulation can lead to mold growth. Having mold in your home causes unhealthy air quality that is dangerous for you and your family.

Additionally, homes built before 1980 did not have to adhere to insulation minimums that are now a standard part of building codes. If your house is more than 40 years old, the property, at the very least, is under-insulated. More often than not, these homes need their insulation updated entirely. An insulation expert can come to your house to check the insulation levels to determine what services would best serve you and your family.

Not sure how often to reinsulate in Sacramento, CA? Call 5 Star Performance Insulation, Inc. today! Our team of insulation contractors is available to inspect your home to determine the services that will best address your concerns and needs. You can trust our 25 years of experience to provide you with the premier insulation services your residential or commercial property deserves. Contact us now.

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