Top Reasons to Get Your Attic Insulated

Living in California, we are fortunate to experience fairly temperate climates year-round. Due to our ideal weather, it is fairly common for clients to ask us why an attic needs insulation in Sacramento, CA. It may seem like a needless cost, but many are surprised to discover that insulation in an attic is an investment that pays off in a number of ways.

Lower utility costs

Every month, you spend a large portion of your hard-earned money on utility bills. Those who invest in attic insulation in Sacramento, CA pay significantly less on their monthly energy costs. Whether you are cooling down or heating up your home, insulation in your attic allows your HVAC system to get the job done without working overtime. Uninsulated attics leak precious heated or cooled air, meaning you are spending extra money to achieve the ideal indoor temperature.

Minimize energy usage

Not only does attic insulation in Sacramento, CA lower your monthly bills, it also makes you more environmentally conscious. An attic leaking heated or cooled air is using more energy than necessary to make your home a comfortable temperature. With insulation, your HVAC system can work efficiently and use fewer resources. Not only are you saving money, but you are also helping the planet!

Cozier living space

With good insulation, you’re spending less and consuming fewer resources to heat or cool your home. Now that your HVAC system can actually achieve your ideal temperature, you’ll find that your house is finally as comfortable as you’ve wanted it to be for years.

The added insulation not only makes your home the perfect temperature, but it also minimizes the noise from outside. When people wonder why an attic needs insulation in Sacramento, CA, we always ask them if they have noisy neighbors or live near a busy street. Adding insulation to your attic vastly decreases the cacophony of lawnmowers, loud vehicles, barking dogs and chatty neighbors you’re able to hear when you’re in your home.

Decrease humidity

Moisture is an enemy to the structure of your home. While your roof should be deflecting most of the moisture that could seep into your home, that’s not always a certainty. Attic insulation in Sacramento, CA further protects the foundational components of your house from unwanted moisture. If you use your attic for storage, installing insulation will also protect the precious keepsakes from the cruelty of unfettered humidity.

While many people don’t spend a lot of time in their attics, neglecting the need for insulation in this portion of your home will cost you quite a bit in the long run. Insulation in your attic makes such a significant difference in the comfort level of your home, along with reducing your overall costs.

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