Six Reasons Why Having Underfloor Insulation Is Important

It’s no secret that insulation plays a big role in keeping the temperature inside your home comfortable for you and your family. But while you may be familiar with wall or ceiling insulation, did you know that underfloor insulation may be just as important in Sacramento, CA?

If you’ve stepped outside on a freezing cold day, you know that the ground gets cold just like the air. The same goes for a scorching hot day. You wouldn’t want to be without shoes in either of these situations, that’s for sure! But it’s more than just surface temperature you should be concerned with.

The temperature of the ground will radiate throughout the environment above it. Because heat rises, the floor of your home will soak up the cold and radiate it throughout the house. One way to combat this in Sacramento, CA is with underfloor insulation. Here are some reasons why it’s important to insulate the floor of your home.

Keep energy costs down

Without proper underfloor insulation, you will be spending more on energy. Since heat can leach out through the floor, in colder months it will be necessary to run the heater more often and for longer periods of time to keep the house from getting too cold.

Keeps the temperature regulated

Underfloor insulation creates a barrier between the warm air in your home and the cold ground below. Without it, the ground will absorb the heat in your home and it will be dispersed into the ground instead of into your body, where it’s actually needed.

Fits your existing home

No matter what type of home you live in, there’s going to be a way to install underfloor insulation. It’s a quick and easy way to improve the insulation of any home.

Custom installation

The flexibility of underfloor insulation means it is customizable in many ways, including during installation. There are different types of underfloor insulation that can be installed in homes with any type of flooring.

Varying degrees of insulation

Not all homes are the same, especially if they’re different ages. There’s quite a mix of homes in Sacramento, CA, from just a few years old to 100 years old or more, and they will need different levels of underfloor insulation. Fortunately, there are many options of R-value (insulation strength) to choose from.

Affordable solution

While underfloor insulation pricing varies based on its material and R-value, it’s often an affordable way to improve the level of comfort in your home. To determine what type of underfloor insulation is best for you, you will want to contact your local residential insulation contractor in Sacramento, CA to discuss your options.

If you’re always cold in the winter no matter how much you run the heater, it’s time to make a change to stop shivering and start saving money on your energy bill. If you’re looking for the best residential insulation contractor in Sacramento, CA, get in touch with the pros at 5 Star Performance Insulation, Inc. today to arrange a consultation.

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