Choosing the Best Internal Wall Insulation

We can assume that most homeowners know that their house must have insulation to stay comfortable throughout the year. What they might not know, however, is the great importance of insulating the walls of your home in Sacramento, CA.

Believe it or not, 35 percent of heat and cool air can escape through poorly insulated walls. In addition to making your home less comfortable, that can significantly raise your energy bills each month.

It’s important to note that not all types of wall insulation are created equal. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of insulation you can choose from.

Rigid board insulation

Rigid boards can be made of a variety of different materials, including mineral wool, fiberglass or plastic foam. They can be purchased in batts or cut to precise measurements. Either way, they’re designed to fit within the cavities of an interior wall.

Even though they’re light, rigid boards are strong and have a high R-value (the measurement of an insulation material’s effectiveness). Rigid boards are also impervious to rot and provide some acoustic insulation from your noisy neighbors or street traffic.

Blown-in insulation

For a high R-value at a low cost, blown-in insulation is one of your best bets. This type of insulation provides a thick blanket of foam for your walls, effectively stopping air from coming in or going out. Blown-in insulation is often made of fiberglass, but it can also be made of recyclable materials like cellulose or rock wool fiber.

In addition to insulating the walls of your home in Sacramento, CA, blown-in insulation is perfect for filling the nooks and crannies up in attics. Homeowners can install blown-in insulation themselves with the right machinery, but it’s always a better idea to bring in a pro for installation.

Fiberglass insulation

In addition to thoroughly insulating a home, fiberglass insulation is both fire and moisture resistant. Because of its superb qualities and low price, fiberglass is a top choice for many insulation contractors. Fiberglass is also a long-lasting choice, keeping your home comfortable for up to 100 years without needing maintenance.

While it does have a high R-value in general, its effectiveness often depends on the thickness of the fiberglass batt or roll. Obviously, the thicker the fiberglass, the better.

Foil insulation

One of the best wall insulation choices in Sacramento, CA that you may never have thought of is aluminum foil. Aluminum foil reflects heat back inside your home instead of letting it escape through the walls.

Aluminum foil is most effective when it’s installed on the exposed area of the wall, which isn’t the most attractive look. Because it’s fairly ugly, we recommend using it on the walls in an unfinished basement or attic.

Hire a professional to install your insulation

While you can certainly install some types of insulation by yourself, we always recommend hiring a pro. Professional insulation means guaranteed results without any hard work required on your part. When you hire our team at 5 Star Performance Insulation, Inc., you can rest easy knowing that you’ll get the best wall insulation in Sacramento, CA at the best prices in town.

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