6 Most Important Steps When Adding Spray Foam Insulation

If you are considering or have decided to use spray foam insulation, then you have likely heard about the benefits and advantages of spray foam options. It is also equally as important, however, to understand how to apply spray foam insulation safely and properly.

How spray foam insulation is applied will play a role in not only how well your insulation job works, but also how safe the insulation process is for you and your family. Here are the six most important steps when adding spray foam insulation.

Site Prep

When you choose the right insulation contractor for the job, you want them to spend more time doing the job than preparing the area to be insulated. That includes cleaning the area of dirt, junk, and trash. Insulators will also need to have access to the areas and spaces they are insulating, and they will also want to be careful not to harm or damage any furniture or valuables. Moving these items beforehand will benefit you and your insulation contractor.


Your contractor will be aware of these concerns, but it is helpful to keep as much airflow and ventilation as you can in the area being insulated.

The Product

While it is perfectly fine if you have already decided on the right foam insulation product for your home or office, this is also an area where a professional insulation contractor can help.

Temperature Considerations

Be sure to check the product information or check with your contractor regarding the ideal temperature settings for your spray foam insulation. Both before and immediately following the installation, it is advisable to maintain the suggested temperature range for your spray foam product.

Quality Assurance

It is necessary to follow up 24 hours after installation when using spray foam insulation. While foam is highly effective, it isn’t as easy to manipulate as other installation processes. That means your contractor should follow up with a quality assurance crew shortly after the initial insulation to fill in any small areas or needed reinforced spaces.

The Contractor

Arguably, the most important consideration when adding spray foam insulation is choosing the right contractor for the job. That means seeking experienced, thorough, and friendly professional insulation contractors like 5 Star Performance Insulation, Inc.

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