The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Attic Insulation Standards

You have probably heard the reports, and most homeowners don’t need statistics and data to tell them what they already know. Yes, the chances are good that your home, and in particular, areas like your attic, are underinsulated. Unfortunately, that information leads to more questions than answers, like how deep should my attic insulation be?

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The good news is, there are some basic guidelines and standards for how to apply more insulation in the attic and other areas. Here is a quick look at a beginner’s guide to what you need to know about how to apply more insulation in the attic of your home.

How deep should my attic insulation be?

It is the question every new homeowner, every homeowner installing insulation for the first time, and even some not-so-new homeowners always ask.

The Basics

There are two primary factors when considering the insulation in your home and how much you need. One of those considerations is the type of insulation rating. Insulation has R-Value ratings to signify the type of climate the insulation was designed to protect against. A greater R-value equates to protection against the coldest weather.

The other consideration is your current attic insulation. You will want to know what type of insulation you have installed, how long it has been installed, and how much you have. 13″ to 14″ is considered standard for the southern half of California, while 16″ to 18″ meets standards for the northern half of the state.

Your Home and Location

The condition, age, and location of your home should be assessed against these standards. That will give you an idea and answer to the question of just how deep your insulation should be.

How To Apply More Insulation in the Attic

There are many excellent and effective insulation options and products today. Reaching out to a professional, experienced, and helpful insulation contractor is the first step. If you are considering adding insulation to your home or attic, then let the professional insulation contractors at 5 Star Performance Insulation Inc. help.

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