Soy Based Foam Insulation Making Green Cents-Good Sense

Well, unless you live in a cave the new word going round is green, even in the building industry. Green theme tradeshows, conventions and seminars are an every other week event in the construction business. With everyone wanting to minimize their impact on good old Planet Earth, the green machine is moving fast.

In today’s new home building market the demand for new homes has certainly leveled off, and in some areas has fallen quite dramatically. The smarter new home builders are looking for ways to present themselves and their homes as environmentally sensitive by promoting their green side. Incorporating energy-efficient windows, tankless water heaters, high-efficiency HVAC system, and rooftop solar energy systems are the attention getters in their new subdivisions-driven by the consumer demand for green. Less of an attention grabber but just as important to green building is green insulation.

Some new homebuilders are now taking a more “Pro-Green Action” approach by upgrading their insulation standards to meet the new California Quality Insulation Installation protocols. These protocols {Q11) are requiring all types of insulation to be installed in a seamless fashion with no gaps or compression allowed. The use of these protocols is mandatory to meet the California Energy Star Home Designation.

One of the best and fail proof ways to meet these new protocols is to use Soy Based Polyurethane Foam Insulation. It is the main ingredient to putting this all together to make green sense. Because Soy Based Polyurethane Foam is applied as an expanding liquid, it will conform to any shape, size or space, even the smallest crevice. This creates a water and airtight seal, eliminating mold and mildew growth, and effectively eliminating outsider dust and allergens. Its ability to stop air infiltration, the biggest source of energy loss, is far superior to conventional insulation installations including blown or netted applications. The tight seal maintains temperatures more evenly, thereby greatly reducing utility bills. “PG&E has come out to my new house and changed the meter twice because our consumption level of energy was less than half compared to our neighbors having the same size house!” raves Ann C. of Folsom about her new insulation. Soy Based Polyurethane Foam far exceeds the new Quality Insulation Installation requirements.

Progressive thinking Green Builders are turning to Soy Based Polyurethane Foam Insulation to compliment their good designs and quality building practices to make green cents in a challenging market.

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