Ask an Insulation Contractor in Sacramento, CA: What Are the Common Applications That Benefit from Spray Foam Insulation?

Whether a home or commercial building has a metal, steel or wood frame, there is one type of insulation that is best suited for energy savings and indoor comfort: spray foam insulation. This particular material contains a foaming agent that, when sprayed, spreads to fill open spaces in walls, ceilings and floors. It is airtight, so there’s no need for caulking or added sealers; it’s ideal for small spaces in steel and metal buildings, and works well in both typical and unusual structural designs.

Since this material is a good air barrier, it is ideal for use in all sorts of building constructions. Let’s ask an insulation contractor in Sacramento, CA about the most common applications that benefit from spray foam insulation.

Steel and metal frames: Homes, commercial buildings and agricultural structures

From lower energy bills to energy savings, spray foam insulation can offer a homeowner or building owner a lot. Hire the right insulation company and you’ll have an energy efficient solution that is environmentally friendly, healthy to live with and permanent.

For immediate costs savings, skip the developer’s suggestion to put in traditional insulation materials. Instead, plan to use spray foam installation during a new building construction, as this material proves energy efficient right off the bat. Older homes can also take advantage of a spray foam upgrade. Removing old insulation and replacing with spray foam eliminates the possibility of mold and mildew growth—which can happen to moistened fiberglass insulation—which improves energy performance and indoor air quality.

Commercial and agricultural structures like schools, apartment buildings, hotels and more may want to use spray foam between floors and walls to eliminate problems like noise, smells and leaks. Furthermore, spray foam is praised for its ability to extend the life of buildings and the things and products housed inside them. While moisture in the outdoor air cannot move through walls, the foam can maintain a desired temperature and humidity level, protecting inventory against damage or spoilage.

Wood frames: Homes and business buildings

There’s a lot of weight put on the structure of your home. Homes and other buildings are made up of a variety of woods, depending on the section of the structure—including supporting hardwood beams and plywood boards in walls and crawlspaces. From the roof down to the walls, it’s important to make sure that everything is reinforced to avoid swaying, or even a building collapse. This can happen due to strong storm winds putting force on exterior-facing walls, or there could be structural problems from the start due to poor construction planning.

Luckily, spray foam insulation strengthens and enhances the stability of your home. It can provide a great deal of the support a building needs to hold up against wind, while minimizing creaks from regular use.

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